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Singing Wood
All natural things make sound. A hand made Eskimo kayak will sing across the sea. A standing stone will ring when struck. Each piece of wood has a distinctive tone as it is worked.
The making of an instrument has to start with the desire to create a new sound in the world. A romantic notion but where would we be without romance. The wood used for this guitar has its own story. The spars on the front have come from the flutes of an old church organ. The hand bellows had been driving the organ for a hundred years. It seemed fitting to reuse the wood to carry on making music. Pernambuco bindngs have come from a double bass I restored many years ago, similarly the fingerboard was from an old double bass.
A classical guitar made to a great pattern. The rose is made from ebony claws inlaid into a maple background. It was constructed using an indexing jig to work around. I get confused thinking about how I did it. Nice effect though. I made this guitar in the late eighties.
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