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A five string fretless bass with a Canadian Rock Maple through neck. Active pick ups deliver a smooth sound with tape wound strings. My bass of choice for many different styles of music.

A stick bass made for a big band job and used ever since on countless gigs and recordings. I have made similar basses for people and I find the fittings need tailoring for individual tastes.

A copy of a 1927 Parlour guitar with scalloped bracing. A suprisingly loud and clear sound for this small bodied guitar.

I restored an old viola and was taken by the shouldered scroll. I made a 16 inch viola of my own design using this scroll.

IRemembering Dad featuring my birds eye maple acoustic and my five string fretless bass

My stick bass and my vocals with my friends Paul Buck and Mark Harris

My five string fretless bass alongside the wonder that is The Royal Scam. Colin Edwards, Neil Garland, Dave Watkins and myself on bass and vocals

My stick bass again

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